How long is the delivery time?

As long the ordered item is marked as "in stock" we will ship your order within 24 hours.
The delivery time varies, depending of the country you're living.

Here are some links about the delivery times:

Deutsche Post (insured airmail)
Please note: airmail to South America usually take 2-3 weeks until they arrive

Please select your country under "Länderauswahl". You'll find the transit time in the tab "DHL Paket" for Standard and Premium.
Premium means airmail, Standard means groundmail.
Be aware, that these transit times are just an orientation. Usually, the packages will be delivered by your local post service.

Usually deliveres within 2 days to every place in the world.

How can I track my order?

This depends of the selected shipment method.

Insured airmail (tracking code starts with RL or RG): once it crossed the border of your country you should be able to track it at the homepage of your national postal service. Please note, that the tracking link in our mail doesn't necessarly show any information. It depends if your local post delivers data or not.

DHL Premium/Ground: you should be able to track it through the provided link in our shipping confirmation. If not, the link should show a "Matchcode". With this one, you should be able to track it at your local postal service like airmail.

Important: our shipping confirmation always contains a tracking link from DHL, as DHL is Germany's National carrier (=German Post). Although it's called DHL, these shipments are NOT delivered by DHL in your country, so do not call your local DHL Express office, as they won't know anything about it.
If the shipping link doesn't show any information, try to track it first at deutschepost.de or your local postal service.

DHL Express can be tracked through the provided tracking link.

How much does Shipping and Handling cost?

Within Germany: 4,49 EUR
Shipping costs to all other countries depend of the weight of the package and will be calculated during the ordering process.
We ship all items by insured airmail or DHL.

Which payment methods are available?

Outside Germany: prepay, Paypal and credit card (VISA/MASTERCARD).

What does prepay mean?

After your online order you send us the total amount to our account. After receiving the money we''ll send the items to you. If we receive no money within 3 weeks your order will be canceled.

Will my order data be encrypted?

Yes, all of your personal data will be transfered with SSL-encryption.

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